No money, no honey


The biggest problem that start-ups and their creators face is the lack of financial capital. The problem of entrepreneurship is that before you even think what you need for your business to operate, you already spend money. In this case, there are only two solutions. You either borrow money or you bootstrap. Continue reading


The one that never sleeps 


Do you think of starting a business? Think well. Every month in the US, based on DocStock data, 500.000 start-ups make their appearance in a variety of markets. Most of them maintain a really short duration frame from 3-6 months. The main reason for these statistics appears to be the lack of product uniqueness or in other words the USP. There are a lot of questions that an entrepreneur  needs to ask himself/herself before starting a business. Am i ready for it? Do i have enough savings and time? Are my ideas fund-worthy? Are some of the most commonly heard ones. Most important of these questions though, appears to be the reason why an entrepreneur wants to start a business. Continue reading