Never Stop


When you work as an entrepreneur, your biggest enemy is yourself. That is because responsibility is bigger than being an employee. Many processes and decisions put their weight on you and as a result of that, a bad decision of yours may change the whole financial and market picture of your company.

The key to handle this responsibility is to never stop. Take as fore-granted that mistakes will be made and continue working on finding new solutions for them. Evolve and mature your ideas and NEVER quit.


6 thoughts on “Never Stop

  1. Very nice post! Enterpneurship requires creativity, creativity requires risk and risk results in either success or failure. Failure shouldn’t seem as “the end”, but the beggining of a new journey aiming to succeed!


    • You are right “Drama Gamer”! Besides, the best way to predict the future is to create it. If we create success, we also expect it. Sometimes making profit could be a “drama”, but always remains a game!

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  2. The example I tell people on this subject is about the Flying Wallendas, the famous high wire act. The founder, Carl, taught several family generations how to walk the wire. The key was to focus all your energy and thoughts to Get to the other Side. If you do this, you can succeed. If you worry constantly about not failing or not falling, you will probably fall!

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