I met SARAH today. She is a model.


Chris Duffy in his book “once a customer always a customer” provides a reader with a model that can be characterized as the 5 steps of success. As we mentioned before your client is your God. And God is the reason you live and survive, according to religion at least. The food you eat, the rent you pay and the car you drive, is the immediate result of a healthy seller-customer relationship. If this relationship for any reason gets rusty, the balance of your whole life will change immediately.

The Chris Duffy’s SARAH model introduces 5 major steps that can be followed, in order for your customers to be constantly satisfied with your products and services. SARAH stands for Stop talking, Active listening, Reflect, Ask and Handle the situation.
By “stop talking” Duffy indicates the loss of time and valuable information that may finally be accomplished, if you don’ t listen and analyze even the tiniest word that comes out of you customer’s mouth. In order to do so, you should stop talking.
Continuing, you need to active listen the words of your customers and “active” indicates that when you listen, you should answer the question who, when, where, why is talking to you, and what is that they need. Additionally, you should take into consideration how they say that something. You need to understand what their tone and communication style indicates.

After understanding your customer on a first level, you need further analyze what they have in mind. This action, will take place at the 3d stage of reflection. You need to reflect you customer’s behaviour. By reflect, the author means that you need to serve a specific and particular aspect or behavior to your customer. For example if they are pissed of, be affectionate and sympathize them. If they are happy and humorous, absorb the humor and reproduce it on the same communication levels.
After having created a path for communicating with you customers, you need to ask. Feel free to ask them about things you do not understand or things that you want to hear for second-time to be sure that have been said on the exact way that you have understood. Additionally, you can ask them leading questions. By questioning you can lead you customer to the exact position you want, in order to conclude your negotiation in the way that you wish.

After gathering all the necessary information you need to act. And not simply act but you-need to handle the situation effectively. Is your customer unhappy? introduce them a solution. Are they happy but they need something new? Find an appropriate way to provide it to them. In case that after completing these five steps and your customer is still unhappy, start from stage one again, because in your customer’s mind you are WRONG.


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